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BG Heavy Duty EP Grease

Heavy Duty EP Grease

BG 609

BG Heavy Duty EP Grease is a unique Lithium Complex grease formulated to meet today’s demanding lubrication needs. It offers exceptional mechanical stability and surface adhesion, enabling it to greatly resist the tendency to mill down and leak during severe duty.

BG Heavy Duty EP Grease provides superior load carrying capabilities and has excellent water washout and corrosion resistance.

BG Heavy Duty EP Grease contains a unique extreme pressure additive system, which has the effect of smoothing and sealing bearing surfaces under high load conditions, thereby reducing heat and friction.

BG Heavy Duty EP Grease is compatible with other types of lithium based grease, and is very tolerant if accidental mixed with other greases.

  • Use on specialized heavy-duty construction machinery that must withstand heat and/or moisture, such as universal and ball joints, suspension systems, rock crushers, conveying and screening equipment, vibrators, shakers, and pile drivers.

  • Use as a heavy-duty chassis and wheel bearing lubricant.

  • Excellent for use as a marine lubricant and for oil pumping equipment.

  • The high dropping point of >500°F (>260°C) minimum makes it the grease of choice for today’s disc and ABS brake systems.

  • Packing : 54,43kg. - 906kg.


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